To most people's daily life Base Camp might be considered to be in the middle of nowhere. About half way between Arches and Canyonlands you realize you're really in the middle of everywhere, without the big crowds. Here, surrounded by Amasa Back to the north, Hurrah Pass to the east, the Anti-Cline and Hatch Point to the south, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point to the west, and with the Colorado River running along side, you've discovered Base Camp Adventure Lodge.

The moment you leave your room, you can travel a couple hundred feet in any direction and begin your exploration of the incredible beauty that surrounds this canyon land paradise.

While planning your trip, you must make Base Camp Adventure Lodge a part. Worry about what you are going to do and see on other parts of your trip, but don't worry about this part, the options are limitless and we'll take very good care of you.


Kobae: Security tortoise, hiker, and in his mind, excellent rock climber.

Rockie's: Squirrels that hangs out with Kobae usually sharing his food and occasionally running through the lodge.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: Chipmunks. No picture available. Camera shy.

Bugs: Rabbits that hangs out with Kobae occasionally. They expect their carrots early in the morning and about an hour before sunset. They get grouchy if you're late.

Numerous: Birds that now compete with chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits for the morning and evening feeding.

Linny: twelve year old girl and Tom's best friend who helps around the lodge and a magnet for your children. She can do it all. She goes out and rescues people stranded out here and to see a young girl show up in a Ford 150, Jeep, side by side, kayak, dirt bike, or ATV and ask if she can help or drive their vehicle out for them is always entertaining.

Tom: Nice guy that lives at the lodge, knows the area inside out, and part time tortoise herder. No picture available. We didn't want to scare you.


Gunshots? Big Horn pounding heads not far from Base Camp and echoing across the valley.

Mortar Round? Peregrine falcon diving on Canada geese at upwards of 140 miles an hour.

Thud? The falcon geese thing has concluded.

Wall pounding? Kobae is ready to go hiking and wants out of the laundry room. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. The Pandora's Box of the tortoise world is in there.

Daytona 500? Dominant hummingbird chasing the others round and round the lodge.

Pitter patter? Various critters making a run through the lodge on occasion, looking for your food.

"Sorry Tom. I'll never, ever, do it again." Linny.

No sound at all? Most of the time.